Upper Eyelid Rejuvenation Pen

Healing – What to Expect

Treated Area Post-Treatment


Day of Treatment

After the numbing cream wears off the treated area will be sensitive, a little red, perhaps a little puffy or swollen, and hot to the touch. However, you can use a cold compress to cool it down. I used frozen peas when I did mine. The peas distrubute weight pretty evenly and were lovely and cool. You can use a frozen mask, whatever works for you.

First Day After Treatment

As long as Before/After care instructions were followed; redness, swelling and pain should be at a minimum. Though the treated area will have a bit of a zing to it on day one and the crustines (tiny scabs), while cauterized will still be somewhat soft. Gradually, throughout the day the swelling will subside slightly. Discomfort, pain and slight discharge can occur, but this is normal. Again, cool compress as needed.

Day Two

As long as After Care Instructions are being followed; redness, swelling and pain should be very mild by this point and/or slightly less than the day before and the crustines should be more set now. However, eye-bags react differently, even if no plasma aesthetic treatment was carried out under the eyes. This is normal because the upper and lower eye areas communicate and react together. This occasional and undesired swelling of the lower eyelid (should be minimal if before/after treatment instructions are followed) will subside over the following days. By day 3-4 you should no-longer need ice weather you followed the before instructions or not, day 3-4 is when you will feel nice relief, so just hang in there!

Day Three

If there was swelling, by day three is should be considerably less if not completely gone, though you will feel some tenderness for a while. The crustines should now be fairly solid and on top of the skin. They will start to itch – they must Not be picked at. Do not scrub, Do not let the shower blast them, No exfoliating gloves, Lufa, or any kind of harsh wash cloth.

They Must fall off on their own accord and should start doing so days 3-5. The discomfort experienced during day of treatment through day 2 should have subsided dramatically and the treated area should now begin to itch – Don’t Scratch.

Day Four

Is all about NOT scratching your itch! There should be no more pain, no more redness, swelling or warmth. Sometimes depending on how fast you heel, people have been known to have the crustines start falling off on day four. However, DO NOT help them on their way in any way what-so-ever. Again, they must fall off on their own or you could cause scarring or hyper pigmentation on the treated area.

Day Five

Is mostly a repeat of day four; every day now, you are going to see more and more of the crustines fall off and until they do, they are going to keep itching. However, you must let nature take its course here. To get the most bang for your buck!!

Day Six-Seven

At this point you should have only patches of crustines in the treated area, you will see that your skin is pinkish and new (like it would be under any recently fallen scab). Also, your skin will be tender and still strangely kind of itchy, but just because the crustines have mostly fallen, let’s still be gentle with our recently treated skin. Once your skin is free of crustines you can now wear sunscreen and makeup. Please please please don’t skip on the sunscreen. It’s really important you keep the treated area out of unprotected direct sunlight for as long as possible. Prefer a two week minimum.

Weeks Two-Five

Face will continue to itch and be sensitive here and there, nothing too crazy but you will feel tingling here and there, and slight itchy feelings. This is all part of the internal enlivening process that is going on. Initially the results will be hard to see, you will almost feel like nothing has happened, but just hang in there. This is the time your face will start to brighten, and plump. This is a gradual and residual effect, so that honestly, if you can hide out while the crustines are healing no one will know you did anything. But they will notice that something is different. You may get questions about what kind of lotion you are using, your pores will look smaller, skin a little tighter.

Weeks Six-12

About week 6 you will see a significant difference, that is usually about the time clients call and send photos, with a WOW! Then you will notice that it will continue to get better and better little by little, and week 12 is when you will be able to look at before and now pics to be stunned by what you see.

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