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Why I Do What I Do

Certified Fibroblast Tech

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and I wanted to have my own business, but I also wanted to help people and create happiness, ya know, make a difference in some kind of way. I didn’t just want to get rich and swim in money somewhere by myself like Boss Hog. Honestly, when I was a kid I secretly wanted to be a geneticist and play around with gene splicing, and microbiology. Though I grew up in a different place in a different time and that never ended up on my plate. However,  science, people, genetics, biology, energy and health overall have always been in the background as curiosities, google rabbit holes, the news I read, the documentaries I watch, etc.

Then, growing up in the age of face lifts, giant lips, giant eyebrows, Botox, fillers, skinny noses, and movie star after movie star becoming unrecognizable all because of a few age lines; it makes you think. I honestly get sad when ridiculously amazing, funny, and beautiful people like Charlize Theron, Catherine Zeta Jones, Meg Ryan and countless others feel like they have to do anything to themselves at all, but especially something that is going to legit change the way they look. It’s completely mind boggling to me. But SO many beautiful ladies, (famous and not so famous) are doing it every day.

I wanted to intervene, but how? What can little ol’ me do? No one even knows who I am. But the question has been there, in the back of my head, what can we do that will detour people from a pint of anesthesia and a silver platter of knives? Just waiting patiently for the opportunity to be answered..

Well, anti-aging technology and science took a while, but, finally it’s all evolving into a more holistic approach. It’s actually kind of exciting to see it be “trendy” to DIY, use natural ingredients, non-invasive treatments and remain natural-looking. Skin care specialists are putting more effort globally into learning how to turn back time, remove age lines, scars, Melasma, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, etc., without putting us under and calling in a Samurai.

This explosive growth of alternative and non-surgical skin rejuvenation has made a way for Fibroblast Plasma Treatments. What is Fribroblast Plasma, you ask? Well, treating Fibrocytes (dormant Fibroblasts) with plasma excites them, brings them out of their dormant state, and in turn they excite everything else, revitalizing the skin in the treated area, removing up to 10 years with one treatment (in some cases more). I’m so in love with this – I can’t wait to share it with you!

I am now helping 20-40 somethings prolong the appearance of age lines and sunspots with some non-invasive, non-chemical, non-surgical, nearly painless, minimal downtime, lasting preventative maintenance. I have waited so long to say that! Then on the flip side of that coin, I rejuvenate and revitalize skin that has already started to show signs of a beautiful adventure, reducing and removing age lines, scars, stretch marks and more. See Services page for more details.

My main objective is to turn frowns into smiles. Making people like you happy makes me happy! I’m a Cancer and super empathetic, so I truly care and honestly love what I do.

There is no better reward than getting a phone call just weeks after a treatment and hearing how excited a client is by their results, and hearing that they love what they see in the mirror.

That is why I do what I do! It’s not just a business, it’s not just an income, it’s non-invasive happiness, and I take spreading it very seriously.

I’d love for that next excited phone call to be YOU!

Why Choose Me?

Why choose Face of a Goddess over mere mortals you ask? Great question! I’d say the top three considerations would be:

  1. I am a certified and trained professional with a narrowed scope
  2. I do house-calls so that you can get your treatment and heal in the comfort of your own home , and
  3. I have the mind of a curious engineer knowledge junky who loves solving problems.. I have tons of research on skin, muscles, cells, reactions, growth, stimuli, collagen, elastin, healing and all the little pieces of the puzzle that will ultimately help you achieve the results you desire.

What are the benefits of a narrowed scope you ask? The best visual I can give is to imagine the difference between the menus of a small celebrity chef bistro and something like the Cheesecake Factory. The bigger the menu the better the odds of not loving what you order.

Here at Face of a Goddess as well as my sister location servicing Arizona, Aphrodite of the Desert, we’ve made it a top priority to learn all the unique techniques that ensure our clients attain the best possible results with each treatment (yes you can get multiple and continue corrective measures); so that when you reach the end of the healing process, you are not only happy with, but excited about your results (and we’re excited if you’re excited).

Fibroblast plasma treatments are a non-invasive way to safely take up to (and in many cases, surpass) 10 years from your skin per treatment, and without altering epidermal topography (changing the way you look). I’m on a mission to share it with as many considering invasive alternatives (Botox and/or cosmetic surgery) as I can!

CONFIDENTIALITY is as important to me as it is to you! Also, NDA’s are not a problem & YES I Really Do Come To You!

Full Mobile Set Up, it takes about 10min to set up in the desired location in your home, massage table, lights, equipment and all. Easy peasy! Then I pack up while you’re getting your LED treatment after we’re done.

I look forward to discussing your skin goals, and can’t wait to hear from you.

See you soon!

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